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on.Most Yis are scattered in mountain areas, some in frigid mountain areas at high altitudes, and a small number live on flat lan▓d or in valleys. The altitudinal differences of the▓ Yi areas directly affect their climate and precipitation▓. Their striking differences have given rise▓ to the old saying that "the weather is different

a few miles away" in the Yi area. This is the primary reason w▓hy the Yis in various areas are so different

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normous sources of water power. The Yi areas are not on▓ly rich i

. A▓ll these factors brough

n coal and iron, but are also among China's major producers of non-ferrous metals▓. Gejiu, Chin

t the slave system to a qu

a's famous tin center, reared the first generation of Yi industrial workers. Various

Yi areas in the Greater and Lesser Liangshan Mountains, western Guizhou, and eastern a▓nd southern Yunnan abound in dozens of ▓mineral resources, including gold, silv▓er, aluminum, manganese, anti

mony and zinc. Vast forests stretch across the Yi areas,▓ where Yunnan pine, masson pine, dragon spruce, Chinese pine and

other timber trees, lacquer, tea, camp▓hor, kapok and other

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d in the middle of last cent

trees of economic value grow in great numbers. The forests teem with wild animals and plants a

ury.Population: 6.57 milli

s well as pilose ▓antler, musk, bear gallbladders and me▓dicinal herbs such as poris c

ocos and pseudoginseng.Pork contamination spreads to Northern Irel▓andS. Korea cabinet offers resignation over U.S. beef rowSEOUL, June 10 (Xinhua) -- The entir▓e South Korean cabinet Tuesday offe

re▓d its resignation to President Lee Myung-Bak over U.S. beef dispute, Yonhap news agency reported. The resignation offe

r came as a record 1 ▓million people are expected to hold str

r area of distribution: Sich

eet ralli▓es nationwide Tuesday night in protest ▓against the Lee administration's U.S. beef i

uan,▓ Yunnan, Guizhou and G

mport deal and other reform policies. Prime Minister Han Seung-soo tendered his and th

e cabinet's resignations over a weekly cabinet meeting to take responsibility for the intensifying political turmoi▓l triggered by the government decision in mid-April to unconditionally lift a b

an on U.S. beef imports. According to the report, Lee is expected to▓ selectively accept the offers and replace ha▓lf a do

zen ministers involved in the ▓U.S. beef import deal, includi

Language:▓ YiReligion: Poly

ng Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, Agriculture Minister Chung▓ Woon-chun and Finance Minister K

theismThe Yi ethnic group, w

ang▓ Man-soo. Last Friday, all eight senior secretari▓es to the president offered to r

esign en ▓masse, holding themselves responsible for the escalating dispute over the controversial beef deal. Beef from older cattle, which is regarded as posing the grea▓test risk of transmitting

mad cow disease. As part of eff▓orts to address the public fears over the disease,▓ Lee had a phone conversation with U.S. P

resident Geor▓ge W. Bush last Saturday, and both of ▓them ag

ith a
population of 6,578,500, i

reed to cooperate to ensure that U.S. beef fr▓om cattle older than 30 months is not exported to

s mainly dis▓tributed over

South Korea. However, hard-line civic activists and opposition parties still vowed to

resist until Lee agr▓ees to renegotiate the beef import deal with Washington to completely ban imports of all danger▓ous cattle byproducts, including intestines of younger cattle. Satellite

imagin▓g technology pioneered by NASA is becom▓ing a useful tool for Australian cattle farmers. They're using GPS units to

keep an eye on their vast properties, with the click of a m

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ovinces of Sichuan, Yunnan a

ouse.Keep▓ing track of a huge cattle station in Australia can ▓mean driving around the property

nd G▓uizhou, and the Guangx

for several hours a day.But for some farmers in Queensland, t▓echnology is now making

the task a little easier through the use of satellite imagery.With th▓e help of a Global Positioning System, better known as GPS, this family now knows exactly what types of land exist on their

▓property.They can also use it to track how much feed and water is available to their stock at all times.Population: 26,4

00Major areas of distribution: Inner Mongo▓lia and Heilongjia

i Zhua

ngLanguage: Ewenki and HanThis ethnic minority is distributed across ▓seven banners (counties) in the Inner M

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ng Autonomou▓s Region.

o▓ngolia Autonomous Region and in Nahe County of Heilongjiang Province, where they live together with Mon▓golians, Daurs, Hans and Oroqens

.The Ewenki people have no written script but a spoken language composed of t▓hree dialects belonging to the Manchu-Tungus▓ic group of the Altai language family. Mongolian is spoken in the pastoral

There are more than one

areas while the Han language is used in agricultural r▓egions. The Ewenki Autonomous Banner, nestled in the ranges of the Greater Hinggan

Mountains, is where the Ewenkis live in compact communities.▓ A total of 19,110 square kilometers in area,▓ it is studded with more than 600 small and big lakes and 11 springs. The pastureland here

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Maecenas iaculis mauris vitae pharetra vulputate ipsum urna

tot▓aling 9,200 square kilometers is watered by the Yimi

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n Mountain a
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